Sunday, December 2, 2012


On November 16th Steve Wheeler wrote on Next Generation learning. He talks about learning 1.0 (before social media) and learning 2.0 (after social media. He main focus was what is to come,3.0 learning. 2.0 is what we are doing now learning through social media. It is not what you know,it is who you know. Society learns as a whole collaboratively. My comment to him was how I am excited about the possibilities that 3.0 learning has to offer and how 2.0 learning has already taken us a long way.

On December 2nd Richard Byrne wrote on his blog Free Technology for Teachers about a site called Mysteries of Vernacular. This site is about the history and nuances of the English Language. The explains that the concept is the same as Words of the World. He talks about the site and how eventually it will have a video of each letter of the alphabet. He talks about how you can use this site in the classroom to combine history and language arts. My comment was to thank him for sharing this site because I will be able to use it when I am writing lesson plans that call for integration.

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