Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Post 13

Back to the Future

The video by Brian Crosby was very inspiring. In the beginning of the video he displayed a survey that he took on his class. When he revealed the answers from his class, I was quite astounded. I was thinking to myself that a 4th grader should know what city they lived in. You would think that something as important as a student's home phone number would be something that they would be taught at home by their parents or at least in Kindergarten. After seeing the answers from his class survey, I was in a state of shock when he showed us what his class was capable of doing. Mr. Crosby's class actively blogs and they have their own class flicker and wikis. As I watched Mr. Crosby's slideshow of the things that his class has done, the thought I had was; this is the teacher I want to be. I want to engage my students in cool activities like he has done. The hot air balloon and the tin can caught the attention of students and they were able to learn in a fun and exciting way. I hope that I will be able to use technology in the way that he has to engage my students in a higher level of learning.

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A Vision of Students Today

This video is compiled by students at Kansas State University from a survey taken from 200 students. This survey was compiled on Google docs and was edited by these 200 students 367 times. This survey was then made into a video about the students today. Some of the things on this video that caught my eye were; 26% of the reading assignments that are made are relevant to life , The average student is in $20,000 of student debt and this year students will read 2300 web pages and 1281 Facebook profiles. This video makes you realize how much technology is changing the world. As a student, I was thinking that some of these answer would have been my answer if the question was asked to me. As a future teacher, to know that most of my students would be doing other things on their laptops while I am teaching is crazy and to know that some students pay for college and don't even show up to suck air is nuts to me. However, this is the day and age we live in. I am very hopeful of the future because I do believe that technology will help inspire students to stay in school and to show up because of the exciting ways you can learn.

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