Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K Summary November and December

Nicholas is a student in Mr.Boylen's class in Iowa. He is in the 8th grade and his post was on a book that he read called Hatchet. He summarized the book by saying the lead character in the book came from a divorced family and he was going to Canada. On his way to Canada, the pilot has a hear attack and dies. The plane crashed and the boy was left to survive on his own. My comment to him was that it sounded like a interesting book and I would like to read it. I asked him if the boy was rescued and that I may check that book out because it seems like it is interesting.

Nellie is a student in Mr. Comettie's high school history class, in Robertsdale, Alabama. Her post was on a historical figure's death bed, what would they say. Her post was on Marie Antoinette and she went into detail about her life and reign. Her last paragraph was on what she thought she would say. She talked about how she feels that she would have a lot of regrets. My comment to her was how I couldn't recall a lot about Marie Antoinette until reading her post. I told her how I agreed with her on how Marie Antoinette would have a lot of regrets in her life time.

Mrs. Nelson's class in Daphne at East Elementary in the 4th grade. Their blog post was on their field trip to Montgomery. I watched the video on Rosa Parks. They had many pictures of her and pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. You can tell that they enjoyed their field trip. My comment to the class was that I enjoyed watching the videos and that I hope they enjoyed their field trip.

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