Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog Post 8

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Richard E. Miller
These videos share a lot of technology that was hard to me to comprehend the first time I watched it. I had to watch these videos 3 times so that I made sure that I wasn't missing anything that I could potentially use in my upcoming project. This video moved very fast through the different ways you can do a writing project.
In part one, Richard Miller ask the listeners to "think how writing in the academy has changed and how writing in our culture has changed." Richard Miller talk about our capabilities in writing and how that is changing. He stresses how right now is an important time in the teaching profession because of our technological capabilities.
I asked myself to think about the change in writing and the ways I thought about brainstorming. The major change that I noticed was the fact that I don't use a pencil and paper anymore. I write all my papers on my laptop and I do all my brainstorming there too. These videos showed many ways to write and how your writing can become interactive. He showed ways to add images and sound to your writing. He also showed ways to add live images to your writing.
Carly Pugh
Carly Pugh's post was truly inspiring. The assignment she created for the students to do to help them form their teaching philosophy was the best idea ever. I enjoyed all the videos but my favorite was The teacher's rap. I loved it! I laughed so hard, I think what topped this video off was the big glasses the little boy was wearing.
Edm310 is different
After watching The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies, I thought about what kind of video I would like to participate in doing for this class. I thought about this assignment and it was very hard for me to come up with something. So, I thought about what kind of video could I make that could help the class next semester. It would be a video like on time management. I know I am guilty of not using my time wisely so a video that would help students manage their time in this class would be very helpful.
Learn to Change, Change to Learn
Learn to change, change to learn talks about the world for learning. Many comments on this website were talking about the way children are learning these day and that it is not just classroom learning anymore. I completely agree that learning isn't just classroom based anymore. I strive to learn something new every day and all my learning doesn't come for classrooms. The world around us is teaching us new things, with the access we have to technology allows us to learn more than we can possibly imagine.
Scavenger Hunt
Emundo is a site used like many social media sites. This site is used for schools and allows the teachers to have contact with her students.
Slideshare is used to upload your power points and share them. The basic package is free. The silver package is $19 per month. The gold package is $49 per month and the platinum package is $249 per month. Education pricing is 50% percent off the prices annually.
View my Comic.
Photopeach is the site I chose. I have never used it before and it can be used to help with student's privacy. You can keep track of your student accounts.
Poll Everywhere

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  1. Hi Keely! I've just finished reading your blog post, and I found a few errors that I thought I would tell you about:

    "Richard Miller ask"... should be "Richard Miller asked"
    "Richard Miller talk"... should be "Richard Miller talked"
    "I laughed so hard,"... should be "I laughed so hard;"
    "Could I make"... should be "I could make"
    "Learning these day"... should be "learning these days"
    "Come for classrooms"... should be "come from classrooms"
    "Us new things, with the"... should be "us new things; the"

    I thought you did a great job with the post and were very thorough! I would just make sure to reread/proofread for grammatical errors next time!

    Other than that, good job!