Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T Summary #2

I was assigned Scott Elias' blog he is principle at Conrad Ball Middle School in Loveland, Colorado. His post was about some teachers learning how to use an iPad in their classrooms. He was frustrated that some teachers couldn't learn to new tool faster than others. He was struggling with being a leader but still helping the ones who fall behind. My comment was on my personal experience in this class how I experienced panic mode in the first few weeks. I also commented on how my grandparents we taught how to use the internet.
I was assigned Richard Byrne's blog. His blog contains free technology for teachers. The post that I got to comment on was on making timelines. He shared 6 sites that are used to make timelines. The site that I found interesting was Dipity. This site allows you to link your tweets and other social media comments to your timeline. This site allows you to get detailed with your timeline. I think I would use this one over Time Toast. My comment was thanking him for sharing these timeline tools and how I think Dr. Strange would love to share these tools with his class.
Dipity's logo a picture of a man in an astronaut outfit

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