Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K Summary for September

On 9/24 I commented on Hiwarau's blog. A student at PT England School in Room 13 in Mrs. King's class. His post I commented on was about playing games. He talked about all kinds of games and how he loved playing basketball. He also talked about how the team he was always on lost every game. I told him that he needed to enjoy playing games because I haven't played games in school in years. I also told him that he needed to keep trying hard because eventually his team will win.
On 9/30 I commented on Anna's blog. A student in the 8th grade. Her blog was about her favorite song,Matthew West Strong Enough. I went to and watched the music video. It was a great song and I thanked her for sharing her favorite song with us. The song was about how we aren't strong enough to deal with everything but God is strong enough.
a picture of a cross in a sunset

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