Sunday, September 23, 2012


Free Technology for teachers by Richard Byrne
Mr. Byrne has a blog where he post free technology for teachers. This site is very useful for all teachers and students. On September 9th, Mr. Byrne published a post on Pixlr Grabber. This is a screen capture tool used in Google Chrome. This free download allows you to edit a picture that you grab from your screen while using the Google Chrome as your search engine. I commented on his blog thanking him for this tool and how I planned on using it to do one of my assignments for class. On September 23rd, Mr. Byrne published a post on Haiku Deck this is an iPad app. This app will allow you to create a presentation and edit it. He even offers ways to show your presentation using VGA dongle, Reflection app, and Apple TV. I commented on his blog post again thanking him for this wonderful piece of technology because this app is something that I can use in school. I am a follower of his on twitter. He shares information on twitter as well as on his blog. His whole blog is filled with useful information with many links. If you have time sit down and rummage through his post do so, because believe me his has something for everyone. He post on a regular basis with something new to contribute. When he introduces a new technology he explains how to use it in detail. This is useful for people like me that needs a little shove in the right direction. So over all his blog is extremely helpful for students, teachers, and even the average Joe.
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