Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post 5

The iSchool Initiative
Travis Allen makes some valid points in the video,The iSchool Initiative. He is trying to fix the problems within our public education system , to keep teachers from losing their jobs and budget cuts from being made. This video talks about how much money that the school system would save by using the iSchool. This video also talks about all the applications that are already available. All the applications available will cut out the extra cost that come along with keeping a school running such as; calculators, text books and copy paper. Travis feels that this program will help the students become more efficient , the teachers become more accessible and the parents become more involved.
The question that Travis ask in the beginning of the video is "Does technology belong in the classroom?" I feel that technology most certainly belongs in the classroom. Technology is advancing everyday and we need to teach our future leaders how to use it. The iSchool Initiative could help revolutionize the way the classroom functions by allowing the students, parents, and teachers to become linked together. This will do the one thing that I feel is absolutely important and that is parent involvement. Now, that everyone is so busy, parents tend to assume that their children are doing what they are suppose to be doing. This will allow them to have access to their children's classroom, homework and school calendar.
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir, I couldn't believe what I was watching. I was astounded by this video. I think that it is awesome that the technology that we have today allows us to be able to sing in a choir while we are miles away from each other. I loved this video.
Teaching in the 21st Century
I feel that the way Kevin Roberts sees teaching changing is that students will work more with technology to do their daily classroom activities such as turning in homework. Teaching in the 21st century video makes you question what kind of teacher you will be, will you teach based on facts, content or skills. By using technology, you can incorporate all those ideas into your classroom by teaching your students ways to use technology properly. This will give your students the opportunity to be efficient. This will change the classroom entirely. As a future educator, technology will help us stay in communication with our classroom to eliminate confusion and will make our job easier. Even though we are the filter for information now we can still ensure that our students learn skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives.
Flipping the Classroom
I watched the videos,Why I flipped by classroom,Dr. Lodge McCammon's Fizz Flipping the classroom,and Flipping the classroom- 4th grade STEM. This idea of flipping the classroom is a wonderful idea. This will allow each student to come into class ready to work This also allows them to be able to watch the instructions over and over for help. Flipping the classroom will help all the students needs by giving them instruction prior to coming into class and will help them be prepared with questions that they may have.
Logo for iSchool Initiative

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  1. Keely,

    You need to watch how you use commas. This "more efficient , the teachers" is not right. When you use a comma to separate parts of a sequence, you don't need a space before the comma. This was the second time you did that in the first paragraph alone. However, later in this post you said, "This will allow them to have access to their children's classroom, homework and school calendar." BUT you didn't include the comma after homework. In sequences of three or more subjects, you need to have that comma before the 'and'. It even has its own name: the Oxford comma.

    Also, did you watch the short update video about the iSchool Initiative?