Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Post 4

 Podcasting to the world picture
1st graders create their own read along audio book
1st graders create their own read along audio book, listening to this books helps you understand how fully involved the students are in this project. The change in their voices, while reading, let's you know how much enjoyment they are getting out of this audio book. Dinosaurs in the dark script was created by the teacher, it is an interview process, off a book they were reading in class. I like this idea because some children don't like reading aloud, I know I still don't. I feel that if you get them involved in activities like this, that allows positive encouragement, at a younger age it will help them blossom into confident individuals and eliminate personal insecurities. This site shared a free online converter that will help me with my own podcast.
Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley was amazing. The students in this class created Flat Stanley podcast because they were inspired by Dinosaurs in the Dark. The students in this class done a great deal of work and it paid off. This project involved investigating. The students were assigned a place and they had to explain how they got there from their classroom in Jacksonville, FL. They explained what they experienced along the way, things they saw, things they felt, things they smelled, and even a little history. I could envision what they were describing just by their choice of wording. My favorite was the boy that swam to Michigan, you could hear the excitement in his voice. I would definitely use this activity in my future classroom. As for my podcast, this project helped me realize that by using the appropriate description words that your listener could actually see what you are describing.
Podcast Collection
Podcast Collection by Judy Scharf is a very useful website. I joined Curriki, so that I would be able to download all the printable instruction sheets. This site will be very useful for my own podcast and I am very excited to be able to use what I have learned from the site. This site give you step by step instructions on how to use Audacity, the recording tool. It gives you instruction on how upload your voice recording to the internet and how to submit it to Itunes. Judy Scharf helps you jump start podcasting in the classroom by sharing with you possible topics and grading sheets. My mind is already reeling with topics for podcasts in my future classroom.


  1. Keely,
    I thought that you were very informative when discussing Flat Stanley. I also liked the part in the podcast when the boy swam to Michigan! The kids all sounded so adorable. You also did a great job using the format that Dr. Strange wants us to use for blog posts. In the 1st Graders Create Their Own Read Along Audio Book section, the title needs to be capitalized and you might want to give a little more of a description of what their purpose was for doing the project. Overall, it looks like you will be successful in this class!
    Amanda Patton

  2. Keely,

    I found a smattering of grammar and spelling issues, so be sure to proofread your posts carefully. A helpful way to catch last minute mistakes is to read what you've written out loud. If it sounds funny, then it's likely wrong. For example:
    "The students in this class done a great deal of work and it paid off."
    Read that out loud. Does that sound right?

    Hint: verb tense.