Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4T Summary

I have been assigned The Langwitches blog by Silvia Tolisano. She post on her blog about how twitter is used as a sharing tool and how sharing is an important part of learning process. The reason for her post was she was questioned about whether she was bragging or just sharing. She was told by a coworker that teachers kept their materials to themselves. She then created a twitter slideshow that she used at a workshop. This slideshow was about how to use twitter as a sharing tool. My comment to her was that I feel that sharing is an important part of the learning process to. I also encouraged her to keep on sharing her ideas with the world. I have been following her on twitter for some time now and she always has something interesting on there.
Her second post was on first grade using the iPad. She posted a video on how the students are taught to take care of the iPad, such a cute video. I love how the students are learning responsibility. They are using the iPads to help them create a Hebrew dictionary. Each day they are given a new letter, they have to use the iPad to take a picture of something that starts with that letter and then edit the picture. Using the iPad will help the students learn in a fun way. My comment to her was how I enjoyed the video she shared because it it teaching the students responsibility. I also told her that I think it is amazing how something as small as the iPad can make a big difference in the learning community.
picture of an iPad on a desk

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